Headlight Tinting Milton Keynes

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Head and Tail Light Tinting

Headlight and tail light tinting is an inexpensive way of enhancing the look of your car, It is completely legal, takes around 1 1/2 hours to do and it makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your car.

We, at X Graphics Milton Keynes, install Headligh Tint (or Fly eye,) as it's commonly known, which is a great product designed for tinting car lights and gives then a smoked tint effect while keeping the lights safe and legal.


Headlight tint is a road legal, perforated vinyl and can be used to tint any style of car lighting, including headlights, taillights, high-level brake lights, fog lights, and side repeaters,


The perforated design of Flye eye light  tint gives the light cluster a smoked tint effect while still allowing the legally mandated level of light to travel through.


We can install the tint film in situ, which means no removal of the light cluster is necessary. Once installed it requires no maintenance, apart from a light sprinkle of water the next time you clean your car.


When making any modification to your car head and tail lights please make sure it is the mesh rather than a film that is being installed, as the films DO OBSCURE the light and will not pass an MOT,

Our Headligh and stoplight tint is completely road legal and is designed to pass the MOT benchmark.


MOT Guidelines Regarding Car Lighting


:: Head lamps must be clearly visible and must show a steady white light to the front (or yellow if incorporated in a yellow head lamp). 
:: Stop lamps and fog lamps must emit a steady red light to the rear.
:: Indicators and hazard warning lamps must emit amber light. 
:: Reflectors must show red in colour. 
:: Light surfaces must show at least 50% of the illuminating surface.