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How Are Vehicles Wrapped?

After the artwork has finally been agreed and all colours chosen, The vehicle is booked in to start the wrap process, this typically takes between 1 - 3 days depending on the extent of the work. The

Vehicle is then stripped of handles badges and all other obstructions so we can ensure and

neat finish. The vehicle is cleaned then de-greased, de-tarred and then cleaned again, then the vinyl 

is measured per panel individually we allow and extra 100mm to ensure we wrap around each contour.

The wrapping process requires a lot of heat to form the different contours in the van the we have to

heat to around 90 degrees after a process called post heating which makes sure the material holds

its shape. The handles and badges are then replaced,

Why Have your van wrapped?

Want to incorporate your colours and re-enforce your brand, then this is the most popular way of

getting your company noticed.

Prices Starting from £550 for a partial wrap fully designed and Installed. Will last for 7 years will turn

far more heads than a newspaper ad and will cost much less.

It typically takes around 1 day to install and around 2 weeks to design and prepare the graphics

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