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Ultra Light

70% light

30% Shade.

Maximum Legal limit for front windows.

Widow Tinting Privacy film Shades


We offer 5 shades of Window Tint

Limo Black: 95% Shade 5% Light. The ultimate privacy film. If you don't want to be seen!

Dark Smoke: 80% Shade 20% Light Trans.  Great Privacy Film without being too heavy

Smoke: 65% shade 35% Light Trans. A sleek tint for the window.

Light Smoke: 50% light.  A noticeable but subtle tint for the window

Ultralight: 70% light. This is the legal, maximum allowed for the front of the car.

*if your front windows carry 0% Pigmented glass. Chances are your car will (from Standard) be at the legal limit of 70% on the fronts already.

*Front Window tints are shown in the gallery for illustration purposes only.

Call us on:  01908 365 460

Full Lifetime Guarantee!


Protecting you, your passengers and your car's interior from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Window tint can Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays that also cause the upholstery to fade. Window tints will make your motor more economical and fuel efficient as you wont need the A/C on as much, since the heat from the sun is deflected. It will also reduce glare that is annoying and dangerous.

BMW X1 With 20% Factory looking tints AK
Ford Mondeo ST With 5% Limo Black tint t
Audi Q5 Window Tints.jpg
Ford Torneo 8 Seater With 5% Limo Black

Why Choose us?

We realise that there is a lot of choices out there in having your windows tinting, prices will fluctuate but so will the quality. So when you receive a quote for window tinting please ask the following questions:


Do you file the edges for a perfect finish? Or do you leave a 5 mm gap that lets the light through?

We file the edges - no lifting no catching just a lovely factory looking tint .


Are the trims professionally removed before applying the tint film, or do you use a knife on the car and cut to the bottom of the rubbers and glass?

All trims are removed to ensure the film is 100% finished under the rubber seals

Templates are made away from the vehicle and no cutting is done on the car at all.


Does the film come with Warranty?

There is a full lifetime warranty on install and the film used.


How durable is the film?

Ours is a 3 ply, metalised film with excellent scratch resistant properties.


What Film do you use? Is it a named brand or a cheap import that will fade or fail in months to come?

We use SunTek  a world renown leading car tint brand


What UV and Solar reduction properties does the film have?

All our films have 99% UV Reduction so your interior won't fade. Heat reduction is typically 40% dependant on shade was chosen


Does the glue layer dry clear or cloudy

Our film dries perfectly clear with no patches.


Is the Tint Carried in a workshop or on the side of the road open to the wind and contamination?

our Window tints are installed in our tinting workshop where our tint pro can work out of the elements to ensure the best possible long-lasting result


 We are an approved leading car manufactures window tinting company with over 20 years of experience working on every type of car from Dacia to Bentley.

Rear Car Only Tinting


 The omly option for our customers, since the window tinting laws, have been brought in. The front windows of the car have to allow at least 70% of light through.  window tinting laws


Full Car Window Tinting

by law is not allowed in this country no tint shop should carry this out they will be breaking the law

Window Tinting Gallery


Please take a moment to look through our car window tinting gallery.

*Call us on our Specialist Tint Line 01908 365460 to book you window tinting slot.

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